Invest In The Future of Our Community

Invest In The Future of Our Community

Why should you invest?

Your investment directly supports our mission to promote affordable access to capital and knowledge for undervalued and underserved populations.  Economic opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, income or geography should be accessible for all business owners and new entrepreneurs.

ACCESS Community Capital seeks to increase economic self-sufficiency by providing needed credit and financial counseling services to small businesses.  Our mission is served by bringing innovative financial products and services to small businesses efficiently utilizing technology partners in underwriting and servicing, coupled with hands on character assessment and financial analysis.

Many small business owners do not have adequate access to conventional business loans through banks or other financial institutions, or get lost in the underwriting process, only to be denied without substantive reason or a complete understanding of the business.  The alternative lending market has exploded over the past few years, fueled by hedge fund and private investor interest to fill the financing gap in the market.  With no other avenues available, many small businesses turn to these alternative financing sources as a last resort.  But many of these products are extremely expensive, predatory, unregulated, and have been driven by profit maximization and not a balance of risk-adjusted returns with a consideration of what’s best for the success of businesses.

Your investment helps us maintain loan funds and provide technical assistance to small business owners.  By becoming an investor, ACCESS is able to provide more capital to more entrepreneurs who are building financial independence, generating wealth, and supporting their communities.

Investments can be made in a variety of ways. Whether support is received through grants, low interest financing, and/or other vehicles, proceeds will expand our work to create equity, reduce the racial wealth gap, promote inclusive growth, and build healthy communities through flexible financing and technical assistance programs.

Thanks so much for being a partner.  Your support is truly a gift that is making a lasting impact for so many! Contact us at to learn more.

Invest In The Future of Our Community


ACCESS works with grantors and donors by providing capital and operating grants that helps us to grow our revolving loan fund, leverage private capital and support operating costs such as geographic assessments, impact studies, product development for new financing tools to support borrowers, and dedicated outreach to underserved populations.  ACCESS is a 501c3 charitable corporation so grants and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by federal law.

ACCESS works with grantors and donors by providing capital and operating grants that helps us to grow our revolving loan fund

Invest In The Future of Our Community

Community Impact

We are committed to serving all communities by breaking down barriers inhibiting people from accessing affordable capital. Unfortunately, minority, veteran, LGBTQ, and women-owned businesses often struggle to access affordable capital and procurement opportunities through traditional networks, limiting their growth potential. That is why we actively collaborate with a diverse range of partners to reach underserved populations.

Through cross-promotion of programs, products, and events with the Latin Chamber of Commerce, Urban Chamber of Commerce, Asian Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and other community organizations, we ensure that no communities are left behind.

ACCESS is committed to serving diverse communities, especially those facing language barriers. Our active engagement with community chambers and organizations ensures our services are accessible in multiple languages. Our participation in multilingual events and our multi-lingual materials underscore this commitment.

In addition to our partnerships, we strive for inclusivity in every aspect. Our brochures and flyers are designed in multiple languages and our website can be easily translated into over 15 different languages.

While being mindful of the various organizational methods we employ to improve the delivery of our products and services, our most powerful tool for fostering equity and inclusion lies within our own team. We take great pride in having a workforce that is 70% women, 40% Latina, 40% African-American, and 10% AAPI. Additionally, our team’s linguistic capabilities in English, Spanish, French, and Tagalog significantly enhance our reach.

These intentional measures are making a difference. Over 75% of our portfolio consists of minority-owned businesses and approximately 55% are women-owned businesses. Join us as we empower diverse entrepreneurs and unlock their full potential.

View the 2023 IMPACT REPORT.