Child Care

Recognizing the critical role of child care in a community’s economic growth, Access Community Capital supports child care businesses through capital financing, operational support, and technical assistance.

Child Care

Childcare Providers

Access Community Capital (ACCESS) is committed to the communities we serve and helps finance community businesses, including childcare providers. We recognize the critical role of childcare in a community’s economic growth and through our partnership with The Children’s Cabinet, we seek to provide support to childcare businesses through capital financing, down-payment assistance, operational support, and technical assistance.

ACCESS works in collaboration with various partner organizations to identify and assist providers interested in starting new child care centers or expanding their current child care business (both home-based and center-based), as well as helping to develop microcenters in businesses and housing developments.

Assess the business environment and generate provider-specific plans with resources needed to reach your financial goals.

Increase productivity of providers by streamlining workflows or improving systems to help businesses operate efficiently, remain competitive, and improve performance.

Build credit, develop a business plan and budget to successfully apply for grants, loans, and other funding.

Access Community Capital (ACCESS) is committed to the communities we serve and helps finance community businesses, including childcare providers.

Childcare Accelerator

Access Community Capital supports child care providers to operate and grow successful business ventures. Our team offers valuable technical assistance to providers at various stages of their business, and through a recently launched accelerator program, a more targeted approach to supporting providers is now available to Nevada’s childcare industry. The ACCESS CHILDCARE ACCELERATOR takes start-up and existing businesses to the next level by providing access to mentors, resources, and a supportive community. The accelerator helps child care providers run their businesses more efficiently by offering guidance in areas such as business planning, administrative support, financial modeling, and professional development.

The ACCESS CHILDCARE ACCELERATOR makes it easier for child care providers to find the resources they need. When applying, applicants are asked to complete a questionnaire, which assesses their current business position and helps us determine the support required.

For those looking to start a new business, the accelerator provides start-up resources through our partners, including referrals to The Children’s Cabinet, Wonderschool, and Urban League. Operating providers accepted into the program gain access to additional resources to efficiently manage their businesses. In addition to dedicated support services, the ACCESS CHILDCARE ACCELERATOR website is populated with relevant information for child care providers, including back-office services, business plans, marketing, human resources, and more.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Let ACCESS help in planning and preparing for different aspects of your business. Our services help child care businesses grow and maintain high standards of quality.