Specialty Financing

Our special situations practice is adept at developing bespoke capital solutions spanning the spectrum of debt and equity to tailor innovative solutions for the needs of individual borrowers.

Specialty Financing

Special Situations

Our teams have deep experience in operating businesses.  We’ve been where you are and where you want to be.  To get through the tough times, it helps to expect the unexpected.  The only issue is that traditional institutions shy away from businesses going through special situations.  This is where we can make a difference.

Access Community Capital is looking for business owners that can be creative in making their business a success.  We can help you be creative in financing your growth. 

Solutions may involve syndicating deals with other institutions, investing non-dilutive human capital into companies, or providing non-financial support, like marketing assistance, research, capital introductions, or other business support services.

Specialty Financing

Childcare Providers

Access Community Capital (ACCESS) is committed to the communities we serve and helps finance community businesses, including childcare providers. We recognize the critical role of childcare in a community’s economic growth and through our partnership with The Children’s Cabinet, we seek to provide support to childcare businesses through capital financing, down-payment assistance, operational support, and technical assistance.

Children’s Cabinet is the leading advocacy and resource provider for early childhood professionals and childcare providers in Nevada. In partnership with Children’s Cabinet, ACCESS helps create systems and programs that address the business and financial needs of childcare programs. Further, our shared goal is to increase the supply and sustainability of childcare businesses in both urban and rural communities throughout Nevada.

Access Community Capital (ACCESS) is committed to the communities we serve and helps finance community businesses, including childcare providers.
Special Situations and Financing

Expense Reduction Specialists

Today fewer than 30 percent of US households are financially healthy. This means more than 170 million US adults struggle with some aspects of their financial lives, such as paying bills on time or saving for emergencies. At the same time, financially struggling Americans pay roughly $175 billion annually in fees and interest for financial products and services, which too often fail to improve their situations. Business owners are in a similar predicament.

Access Community Capital has partnered with companies to help business owners grapple with some of the tasks that help make businesses successful.

Businesses may engage with a no-cost, no-risk, contingency-based cost efficiency consultant. The consultant is an extension of the business owner, conducting an analysis of the potential savings, then presenting those savings to the business owner.  All this is done at no cost to the business or business owner.

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