Credit Improvement Financing

ACCESS Credit Builder Loan

We get it. Life happens.  And sometimes that means that your credit score might need a little help.  ACCESS wants to help you get on the road to financial success and a credit building loan is one of the best ways to enhance your credit score.

Our Credit Builder Loan is designed to help clients with no credit, little credit, or credit in need of a boost.  The program focuses on building or rebuilding your credit. By improving your credit score, you’re more likely to get better interest rates on loans and qualify for purchases to assist your business with the financing it needs to thrive.

Payoff Higher Interest Rate Loans

Approved Loans Funded In One Week

No Pre-Payment Penalty Facility

ACCESS Credit Builder Loan Details

  • Loan amounts: $1,000 to $100,000
  • Interest rate: generally between 6% and 8%
  • Term: 12 - 36 months
  • Fees: average 3% commitment fee
  • Time to funding: generally within one week of approval

The Credit Builder Loan is designed to help business owners build credit to help them become “bankable” through a micro loan to pay off high interest rate debt on their credit report.  By actively reviewing and managing the credit report, ACCESS can help business owners increase their cash flow while establishing a positive credit reporting track record. 

At ACCESS, our relationship with our clients does not end with a loan. Additional technical assistance can include business management, marketing, lease renegotiation and financial advice, depending on the needs of the business.

The ”credit-builder” loan focuses on improving the cash flow of the business by paying off higher interest rate loans on the borrowers’ credit report or the business balance sheet.  After reviewing the credit report and financial statements, ACCESS will determine what payoff would result in the greatest positive impact on cash flow or credit. 

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